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Open your mind to pseudo plastic thickeners

Coatex Arkema
This is a Past Webinar

Are you well aware of all pseudo plastic thickeners' capabilities in coating formulations? To learn more about this technology and its attractive features, access the video recording of the presentation made by Coatex at ECS 2015 (Nuremberg - April 2015)!

In a nutshell, when correctly used, pseudo plastic thickeners help to improve several coating properties such as sagging effect, anti-settling, dripping, color acceptance, and much more.

During this presentation, Coatex focused on 3 acrylic pseudo plastic thickeners and introduced the advantages offered to various applications.

Presented By:
Catherine Corfias Zuccalli

Length: 20 min

Why should you view this webinar?

Coatex's technical expert presents several case studies related to the effective use of 3 acrylic pseudo plastic thickeners (Rheotech™ 4800, Thixol™ 53L and Viscoatex™ 730) in various applications (gel, wood stain, matt paint, plaster).

In addition, thanks to the video format of this presentation, you can visualize some interesting experimentations showing the different rheological behaviors of these 3 acrylic thickeners. Depending on the rheological profile you need, there is certainly a solution with Coatex's acrylic thickeners!

What will you learn during this webinar?

  • The specificities of pseudo plastic thickeners rheological behavior
  • How using Coatex's acrylic pseudo plastic thickeners can help you to improve your coatings’ properties and performance (depending on your needs and on your applications)
  • The applications that can benefit from these thickeners

Thanks to its strong rheology expertise, Coatex can work with you to design the solution that can match your requirements.

Who should view this webinar?

Company activities

  • Paints & Coatings producers


  • Architectural/Decorative
  • Industrial
  • Wood
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Catherine Corfias Zuccalli Technical Support for Europe - Coatex

Catherine Corfias Zuccalli joined Coatex in 2012 after 15 years' experience within different R&D labs of the Arkema group.
She is in charge of the Technical Support for Europe, Middle East and Africa in the Paint and Coatings industry, working with her team on product pitches and technical requests about Coatex rheology additives.
Her PhD degree in materials science has led her to work on different projects within different applications such as adhesives, bitumen or plastic pipes for high pressure fluids.
She also creates the "photovoltaic" lab dedicated to the R&D of polymer materials used in solar panel and as such is co-author of 4 different patents.

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