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The material selection platform
Coatings Ingredients

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Perform to your best in the Coatings & Inks industry by getting access to "insider" knowledge. Courses will help you to better select your ingredients, solve your formulation issues and anticipate changes! All our 90-min online trainings are developed by independent specialists who are all passionate about sharing their technical know-how and strong industry experience.

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Jeffrey A. Jansen
16 Days left to register

Thursday Aug 27, 2020

By Jeffrey A. Jansen

Prevent plastics component's failure by understanding the top 3 root causes & implementing corrective actions right from the start. Let expert Jeffrey who has done over 1470 failure analysis help...

Terence Kenneth
22 Days left to register

Wednesday Sep 2, 2020

By Terence Kenneth

Get the first-mover advantage by fast-tracking your expertise in aqueous inkjet inks formulation with the right selection of raw materials and formulation design. Ink Specialist, Terence Kenneth...

Paul Mastro
23 Days left to register

Thursday Sep 3, 2020

By Paul Mastro

Achieve demanding end use / regulation requirements with your rigid PVC while minimizing costs. Overcome challenges of changing additives or processing scale in demands like larger pipes, high...

Jochum Beetsma
29 Days left to register

Wednesday Sep 9, 2020

By Jochum Beetsma

This comprehensive two-day course will help you solve any of your coating film defects faster (pinholes, orange peel...) by understanding their root causes and how to prevent them using smart...

Minou Nabavi
30 Days left to register

Thursday Sep 10, 2020

By Minou Nabavi

Avoid instability issues in your cosmetic emulsions (O/W, W/O, HIPE, Pickering…) by learning how to quickly select surfactants & characterize emulsions. Minou Nabavi (Founder, Azad Chem Consulting)...

Keith M. Moody
35 Days left to register

Tuesday Sep 15, 2020

By Keith M. Moody

Smoothly switch from solvent-borne to waterborne coatings & meet the low VOC regulation requirements by understanding different techniques used to formulate waterborne coatings. Keith Moody, who...

Luis Roca
36 Days left to register

Wednesday Sep 16, 2020

By Luis Roca

Troubleshoot your compounding issues (low productivity rate, contaminants, melt fracture...) with twin-screw extruders by knowing how to adjust processing parameters for any material or...

Julian Hewitt
37 Days left to register

Thursday Sep 17, 2020

By Julian Hewitt

Achieve high SPF & good UVA ratings with improved skin feel while minimizing actives in your sun care formulation Julian Hewitt will help you find ways to make actives more efficient and share...

T Richard Hull
42 Days left to register

Tuesday Sep 22, 2020

By T Richard Hull

Pre-select more efficiently flame retardants that can enable you to pass regulatory tests by increasing your ability to interpret cone calorimeter results. Parameters affecting cone calorimeter...

Edward M. Petrie
44 Days left to register

Thursday Sep 24, 2020

By Edward M. Petrie

Develop faster high performing flexible packaging adhesives to meet stricter performance demands and environmental ratings by clarifying your options (latest raw materials, adhesive types...

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