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CRYLCOAT® 2645-3 by Allnex is a carboxylated polyester resin. Acts as a low demand HAA hardener at 180°C. Offers high blooming resistance, good mechanical properties, good flow & surface appearance... view more
  • Coatings>Powder Coatings
  • Coatings Markets>Powder coatings>Architectural / Decorative
Troy Corporation
Troykyd® D767 by Troy Corporation is a high performance defoamer. It is an excellent choice for gloss coating systems. It provides outstanding air release in aqueous systems such as coatings and... view more
  • Coatings>Waterborne
  • Inks>Water-based
REVACRYL ULTRAGREEN™ 1647 by Synthomer is a finely dispersed, aqueous dispersion of an acrylic ester-styrene copolymer. It is suitable as a high performance binder in solvent- and plasticizer-free... view more
  • Coatings>Solvent-Free/ High-Solids
  • Coatings Markets>Marine /Anti-Corrosive / Protective
  • Coatings Markets>Architectural / Decorative>Interior wall coatings
Asahi Kasei
Duranol™ W8011 by Asahi Kasei is a polycarbonate diol. It improves chemical as well as scratch resistance softness and self-healing of coatings. It is suitable for water-based 2K acrylate binder... view more
  • Coatings Markets>Other industries>Glass Coatings
  • Coatings Markets>Plastic coating
  • Coatings Markets>Wood & Furniture Coatings
Ink Jet Magenta E-S VP 6057 by Clariant is a blue shade magenta pigment with excellent flow properties, high chroma and long-term viscosity stability. It is characterized by very good transparency... view more
  • Inks>Water-based
  • Inks>UV / Radiation-curable
  • Inks>Solvent-based
  • Inks>Digital inks (eg. Ink jet)
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