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Solutions for sustainable acrylate resin: Enhanced Durability, Flame retardancy and Saving energy

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This is a Past Webinar
Are you compromising sustainability when trying to improve a certain feature of acrylic resins? For example, UV curing of acrylic resins under air requires a lot of energy, causing impact on the environment. Improving scratch resistance of acrylic resins will make the material tough, but fragile, shortening product life. To impart flame retardancy, halogens are mainly used, which are environmentally harmful. Improving the features of acrylic resins as well as emphasizing sustainability is a challenge many formulators face. 

What are the alternatives for producing a new acrylic resin that meets the expectations?
Kuraray has developed two new chemicals, IPEMA and DPNG, which will provide solutions for producing sustainable acrylic resins. UV curing can be accelerated by IPEMA and DPNG, saving energy necessary for curing. Durability and flame retardancy of acrylic resins can be enhanced by IPEMA, which is an environment-friendly method. Download this webinar to learn how IPEMA and DPNG will provide solutions for producing sustainable acrylic resins. Join us to discover the new materials!

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Ryota Image Presented By:
Ryota Terunuma

Length: 27 min

Why should you view this webinar?

    In this webinar, you will learn :
  • Current challenges for producing acrylic resins
  • How IPEMA can improve the durability
  • Method for producing non-flammable sheets
  • How IPEMA and DPNG accelerate curing and save energy
  • Proposed formulations to produce acrylic resins

Who should view this webinar?

  • Paint & Coating Formulators
  • Building & Construction Managers
  • Process / Production Engineers
  • Sustainability Directors
  • R&D / Technical Managers
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Ryota Terunuma R&D member - Kuraray Co. Ltd.

Ryota Image Ryota is a member of the Specialty Chemicals Development Group in Japan. He has been with Kuraray since 2020, focusing on developing new chemical materials that can be derived from isoprene. He is now in charge of developing new applications of IPEMA.

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