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Solvay Freeze-Thaw and Open Time Extender additives fulfill the paint and coatings industry's need for environmentally friendly solutions. These functional additives help coating & inks formulators and resin producers for their low to Zero VOC water based developments.

Technical performance

What is Rhodoline® FT-100?

Rhodoline® FT-100 is a patented novel additive that can be added to water-based coating formulations to impart or improve freeze-thaw resistance. It is APEO-free, VOC-free and is a sustainable and Ecolabel compliant solution for water-based coatings. Rhodoline® FT-100 improves colloidal/dispersion stability in coatings. The chemistry of Rhodoline® FT-100 is patented and proprietary in nature.

How is freeze-thaw resistance evaluated?

The freeze-thaw resistance of formulated paints & coatings is measured according to ASTM standard test method D2243 - 95(2008).

Since Rhodoline® FT-100 improves freeze-thaw resistance; does it significantly impact other wet and dry film properties?

Based on our evaluation, Rhodoline® FT 100 improved freeze-that resistance with minimal impact on other wet and dry film properties. However, this is highly dependent on careful optimization of Rhodoline® FT 100 use levels in coating formulations.

Are there any other coating properties improved by using Rhodoline® FT-100?

Depending on the formulation and in addition to freeze-thaw resistance, Rhodoline® FT-100 also increases gloss (for high sheen paints), stain resistance (hydrophobic stains), pigment dispersion and colorant acceptance without any adverse effects on the resulting films. Use of Rhodoline® FT-100 can also help to reduce/eliminate wettings agents used in coating formulations.

Are there any detrimental effects of Rhodoline® FT-100 to the paint or resulting coating film?

One significant effect that we have observed in most coatings formulations is the slight reduction in formulation viscosity; especially when Rhodoline® FT-100 is post added rather than formulated into the coating system. However, this can be fixed by either reducing the amount of other surface active additives in the formula or modifying the rheology package used – minor modifications in the coating formulations. In some formulas, we have also observed that a loss in scrub resistance was observed when Rhodoline® FT-100 was used as a post-formulation additive. This can be remedied by reducing the other surface active agents as well as dispersing aids in the formula. It is imperative that the use level of Rhodoline® FT-100 in any coating formulation be optimized to avoid any significant impact on the coating dry film properties.

Does this additive hurt block resistance in films? Explain.

Our results with various binder systems indicate that Rhodoline FT-100 does not have a significant impact on block resistance of the coating. However, exceeding the recommended dosage can lead to adverse effects.

Does Rhodoline® FT-100 improve heat age stability of latex paints?

Our results have indicated that Rhodoline® FT-100 improved the heat aged stability of waterborne paints. Again, results are formulation dependent.

Does Rhodoline® FT-100 improve TiO2 dispersion or increase tint strength?

Rhodoline® FT-100 improved TiO2 dispersions and enhanced tint strength of paints. Equivalent hiding or in some cases better hiding was observed when this additive was used in the formulation. Again, results are formulation dependent.

When Rhodoline® FT-100 is added to low sheen paints such as matte, flat or egg-shell, does the enhanced dispersion stability interfere and exhibit higher unacceptable gloss than comparable formulations that do not contain Rhodoline FT-100?

Improvement in gloss is only observed for higher sheen paints. For lower sheen paints addition of Rhodoline® FT-100 does not significantly increase the level of gloss in these paints.

Have you tested Rhodoline® FT-100 in paints that are tinted? Does it affect color acceptance?

When Rhodoline® FT-100 was added to tinted paints it was observed that color development was improved, especially when organic colorants were used. Reduction or total elimination of wetting agents in the base paint can be realized upon careful optimization.


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Improve Workability and Film appearance of Textured Coatings

Solvay Novecare has developed an innovative open time extender, Rhodoline® OTE-500, suitable for Textured Coatings. Rhodoline® OTE-500 is a high performance APE-free, VOC-free and low odor additive that extends open time to a whole range of waterbased paints and coatings.


Improve the freeze-thaw stability and gloss for your semi-gloss paint

Rhodoline® FT-100 is a low odor, APE-free & Zero VOC solution dedicated to develop coatings with Ecolabel compliance, excellent freeze-thaw stability in addition to improved gloss.


Extended open time for water based architectural paints, colorants & inks

Solvay’s Rhodoline® OTE-500 is an open time extender additive for water based coatings, colorants & inks; developed with an innovative patented technology.  This liquid additive increases open time and wet edge performance and simplifies the work of formulators by providing several key benefits....



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