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Coatings Ingredients
The material selection platform
Coatings Ingredients
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Coatings ingredients supplied by allnex

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VISCOPOL™ 1662E by allnex is an alkyl phenol ethoxylate (APE) free, general purpose and fine particle size styrene acrylic copolymer emulsion grade. It displays relatively tough but flexible film... view more
VISCOPOL™ 43450 by allnex is a hard, self-crosslinking pure acrylic emulsion that exhibits excellent compound stability and good water resistance. VISCOPOL™ 43450 is used in foam back coatings. It... view more
VISCOPOL™ 6180 by allnex is a low foaming, very hard, anionic polystyrene emulsion grade. It offers excellent water and grease resistance. It provides excellent gloss, adhesion and mechanical shear... view more
VISCOPOL™ 6186 by allnex is a pure acrylic emulsion designed for water based fast dry road line marking paints. It contains selected functional groups that allow the formulator to design road... view more
VISCOPOL™ 6191 by allnex is a low-foaming, fast-drying and anionic styrene acrylic copolymer emulsion. It exhibits excellent water and grease-resistance, excellent gloss and adhesion properties and... view more
VISCOPOL™ 6992 by allnex is a fine particle size, pure and anionic acrylic emulsion. It offers excellent adhesion and water resistance targeting applications within the construction sector... view more
VISCOPOL™ 848 by allnex is PVOH stabilized, RTU polyvinyl acetate (PVA) emulsion grade. It has anionic particle charge. VISCOPOL™ 848 finds use in decoration and construction related paint & coating... view more
VISCOPOL™ 9052 by allnex is an internally plasticized, pure acrylic aqueous dispersion. It offers fast drying, excellent pigment wetting, solvent tolerance and low foaming. It provides good block... view more
VISCOPOL™ 9250 by allnex is an APEO-free, acrylic aqueous dispersion. It offers fast drying, excellent pigment wetting, solvent tolerance and excellent water & grease resistance. It provides good... view more
VISCOPOL™ 9898 by allnex is a high performance, hard acrylic terpolymer. It offers exceptional durability, adhesion characteristics and water- & alkali resistance. VISCOPOL™ 9898 is recommended for... view more
VISCOPOL™ ECO 2085M by allnex is a fine particle size, hard, APEO free, pure acrylic emulsion. It minimizes formaldehyde levels and shows high glass transition temperature (Tg). It is used for both... view more
VISCOPOL™ 370S by allnex is a styrene acrylic emulsion. Exhibits high degree of water resistance, tensile strength and flexibility. It is used in inks... view more
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