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Anti-aging Formulations: Which test for which claim?

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Recorded on May 31, 2017

Create acceptable cosmetic claims by finding the right tests leading to simple & visual scientific evidence that is easy to understand by today's consumers in this digital era.

Anne Charpentier (25+ years' experience in cosmetics assessment) will:
  • Provide a comprehensive and independent overview of the current anti-aging assessment methods and devices.
  • Share guidelines for efficient protocol designing.
  • Help you develop simplified test results to acceptable cosmetic claims.

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Anne Charpentier (Canet) - SkinObs Founder Presented By:
Anne Charpentier

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Methodology
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Anti-aging product and testing is influenced by the digital era (imaging, apps, selfies...), and the new ways of buying & using the cosmetics product. Your product will stand a better chance of success if it is marketed with claims that are substantiated with easy-to-understand & visual scientific evidence. Join this course and:

  1. Find the right test by reviewing the latest innovations in anti-aging claim substantiation

  2. Generate easy-to-understand & visual test results to support you claim by reviewing all the latest methods and devices available and learning how to choose the right one

  3. Learn how to efficiently design protocols (criterial, guidelines…) for large a sample size and understand best practices of on-human testing 

Note:This course will focus on French and EU approach of testing


Who should view this course?

R&D managers, evaluation managers, formulators, regulatory and marketing managers.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction:
    • Testing needs
    • Regulation approach (FR, EU)
    • Protocol design and best practices (on human testing)

  2. Create acceptable cosmetic claims: list of claims concerned
    • What test methods (principles, instrumentation, type of results...)?
    • What devices manufacturer and where ?
    • How to generate simple & visual test results for marketing use?

  3. Innovations in anti-aging assessment
    • Anti-pollution
    • Guidelines and skills

  4. 30 mins Q&A - Ask your questions directly to the expert !

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Members Reviews

To have a whole overview of what methods exist to substantiate anti aging claims.

Sanela K. , from Kanebo Cosmetics Paris Office

To have a wide look of all the parameters and devices

Carmen L. , from IFC

A lot of sources and information on new technologies that's relevant to our current work.

Henry B. , from Here2grow

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