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Improving Cosmetics Actives Efficacy with Better Delivery of Ingredients to Skin

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Recorded on Apr 20, 2022

Avoid efficacy loss & achieve desired effect in your skin care cosmetics at lower cost by improving delivery of active ingredients to skin with science-based tools.

Mark Chandler will help you avoid costly trials & achieve greater performance at lower loading. He will explain:
  • Factors behind delivery of active ingredients to skin (solubility, diffusion…)
  • How to predict & adjust those with a joint approach of Hansen Solubility Parameter (HSP) & Formulating for efficacy (FFE™) modelling software

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Presented By:
Mark Chandler

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Destabilization in your formulations is one of the major causes of loss of efficacy in cosmetics. Resulting in poor delivery of cosmetic active ingredients to the skin.

And, to compensate for such poor performance, using ingredients at higher loading only increases your formulations’ cost! Adopt a science-based approach to formulate for optimized active ingredient delivery. Join this course and:

  • Avoid efficacy loss by understanding how you can predict & adjust key factors (solubility, diffusion…) using Hansen Solubility Parameters & modelling software

  • Achieve greater effect using lower loadings of actives by using science-based predictive tools to improve delivery of active ingredients to skin

  • Go a step further & understand how to balance the sensorial-to-use aspects
Formulating for Efficacy

Who should view this course?

Skin care formulators who want to achieve greater efficacy by having more control over the delivery of active ingredients to the skin.

Course Outline

  1. Delivery of Cosmetic Actives to the Skin
    • Why at recommended level, you may not obtain the effect you expect (beyond compatibility issues between your ingredient & formulation, i.e. no negative chemical interactions)
    • Mechanisms governing ingredient delivery
    • Challenges in delivering enough Active Ingredients to the Skin

  2. Predicting Cosmetic Active Ingredients’ Solubility
    • Using Hansen Solubility Parameters

  3. Selecting a Good Carrier (water, emollient, humectant…) for your Cosmetic Actives

  4. Simulating Diffusion Using Modeling Software Formulating for EfficacyTM
    • Integrating Colloidal Effects
    • Other Factors

  5. Taking a Holistic Approach to Integrate Sensorial / Pleasure to Use Aspects

  6. 30 Mins Q&A- Ask your questions directly to the expert !

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