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Designing Multi-functional Cosmetics with the Right Selection of Polymers

On-Demand Course

Recorded on Dec 4, 2018

Smartly select polymeric emulsifiers, rheology modifiers, film formers… in your cosmetics formulation to achieve:
Multi-functionality | Regulatory acceptance | Homogeneous formulation

In this NEW course, Eric Abrutyn will help you leverage the most out of benefits offered by polymeric ingredients in your skin & hair care formulations (moisturizing, conditioning, styling…) with a deeper understanding of different chemistries and their functional benefits.

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Eric Abrutyn Presented By:
Eric Abrutyn

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Beginner

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Why should you view this course?

In search for multi-functional ingredients, the cosmetic industry has turned to polymers, especially those that are sourced sustainably. Due to the perceived reduction of skin penetration and general safety, global registration regulations favor their use in today’s personal care products. And thanks to evolving technology & controlled processing, you can find more focused multi-functional polymers (styling, conditioning, thickening, emulsification…) to achieve specific needs in hair care, skin care, underarm applications, cleansers…

Need help selecting the right polymeric ingredient for your formulation? Join the course and:

  1. Understand how, why & when to select the right polymeric active from the diverse options available today

  2. Reduce trial & error and simplify your selection process by learning how to utilize INCI as a selection tool, what questions to ask of polymer vendors…

  3. Better design multi-functional & regulation-friendly formulations with practical tips from Eric Abrutyn.
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Multi-functional Polymers in Cosmetics

Who should view this course?

Cosmetic & Personal Care Formulators, Technical Service, Sales/Business Development, Marketing/ Communication

Course Outline

  1. Understanding Different Categories of Polymer Chemistry used in Cosmetics
    • Similarities & Differences
    • Function Benefits of each type
    • Effects of side group substitution on polymer backbone

  2. How to select from the vast array of polymers?
    • Utilizing INCI as a tool for selection
    • What questions to ask of Polymer vendors

  3. Simplifying Selection of Polymer as per:
    • Functional benefit
      • Emulsifiers
      • Surfactants
      • Stabilizers
      • Film formers
      • Aesthetic enhancers
      • Coupling agents
      • Viscosity modifiers
      • Surface modifiers
    • Application
      • Skin care (emollient, moisturizer, humectant, lubricant…)
      • Hair care (fixative, conditioning agent…)
      • And more…

  4. 30 mins Q&A- Interact live/ ask questions directly from the expert !
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