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Men’s Skin care: Formulate Better Products via Customized Ingredients Selection

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Recorded on Mar 26, 2019

Renew your men’s skincare product strategy! Quit applying the same concepts & ingredients used to formulate women’s skin care.

Giorgio Dell’Acqua will review the men care market needs, discuss about physiological & biological differences in skin (type, aging...), their impact on ingredients selection, market trends and practical tips to design targeted men care products.

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Giorgio Dell’Acqua Presented By:
Giorgio Dell Acqua

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Women represent the largest segment in skin care but recently, there has been a drastic acceleration in men care products too. Using the same ingredients & formulation practices for both segments (men & women) doesn’t deliver the required results. You need the right knowledge w.r.t. men skin physiology & how different it is vs women (skin type, mechanism of the actives on skin, facial hair, aging, thickness, hydration, hormones...) to formulate customized products for men. Join the course to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your target by learning about skin physiology differences between men and women (skin type, mechanism of the actives on skin, facial hair, aging, thickness, hydration, hormones...)

  • Formulate men skin care products better, with expert tips on ingredient selection and formulation process

  • Capture the rising men skin care market, with better understanding of market trends and early introduction of customized cosmetics for your targets

  • Boost your career by getting a participation certificate on joining the Live Course
Understanding Men Skin Physiology for Cosmetic Formulation

Who should view this course?

Chemists, Cosmetics Formulators/developers, R&D managers in skin care, interested in developing customized men care products

Course Outline

  • Review of Men care Market needs
    • Market trends
    • Challenges faced whilst formulating products for men care (facial hair, problem with face masks, effects of shaving on the skin …)
  • Understanding Skin differences (men vs women):
    • Aging differences
    • Skin mechanism (Cell turnover, Pore size, Wrinkles, Subcutaneous Fat)
    • Physiological differences
      • Sebum
      • Collagen Level and Density
      • TEWL and Hydration
      • Skin thickness
      • Dermis & Hypodermis and more...

  • How to formulate men care cosmetics better:
    • Active ingredients selection tips

  • 30 mins Q&A- Interact live/ ask questions directly from the expert!

  • Have a query ? Email us for any help !

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