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Formulating Hair Care with Natural Ingredients

On-Demand Course

Recorded on Jun 8, 2017

Please your Consumers! Use Natural Ingredients in your Hair Care Products while equaling performance set by synthetic formulations on the market.

Hair Care specialist Arun Nandagiri will share best formulation strategies to address challenges such as:
  • Foam quality, viscosity in shampoo , deposition of active materials, wet combing, detangling and manageability in conditioners
  • Hair holding and styling ingredients to get the required level of hold and feel in styling aids

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Arun Nandagiri Presented By:
Arun Nandagiri

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Consumers ask for natural and it's true too with shampoos, conditioners and styling aids. But they expect the performance to be as good as that of hair care products made with synthetic ingredients... Join this course and:

  1. Please your consumers and/or get a green certification by understanding the kind of natural ingredients you need in your formulation...

  2. Bring at par the performance of your natural products with synthetic hair care products by reviewing latest formulations strategies
    (shampoos, conditioners, styling aids)

  3. Solve quickly your formulation challenges like foam quality, viscosity, detangling, preservation...  by getting guidance from our expert Arun Nandagiri
Natural Hair Care

Who should view this course?

Formulators of hair care products who wish to develop natural formulations

Course Outline

  1. Introduction:
    • Definition of Natural according to COSMOS in Europe and what it means to the US
    • Update on Natural Preservatives & Silicone alternatives with Naturals

  2. Best Natural Formulation Practices to Meet Performance Expected by the Market
    • Shampoos-Foam Quality, Viscosity Adjustment
    • Conditioners-Wet covering, detangling, manageability, deposition on the surface of hair
    • Styling Aids / Fixatives- Hair holding and styling ingredients to get the required level of hold and feel

  3. Practical cases & testing methods

  4. Q&A (30 minutes) - Ask your questions directly to the expert !

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Members Reviews

It was useful in giving ideas on how to incorporate natural surfactants in combo to achieve similar performance to non natural market ingredients & in learning new processes (i.e. Residual Removal testing).

Tiffany O. , from Floratech

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