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The material selection platform
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Science-based Formulation

If you’re in search of efficiency, your best move is to let go of trial-and-error and take a step towards science-based predictive models! As industry gets more and more digital, the use of science-based tools and apps is accelerating.

Applications cover the full formulation scope: solvent replacement (creative blends), optimization of the dispersibility, stabilization of emulsions… and many more!

Don’t get left behind from your competitors.
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Follow latest developments in scientific models, and how to use them to solve your own formulation issues.
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Rogier van Duin

Thursday Nov 2, 2023

By Rogier van Duin

Accelerate your developments with an efficient implementation of Design of Experiment by reviewing how to proceed step-by-step with the support of two practical cases.Our expert Rogier Van Duin will...

François Magnin

Thursday Sep 19, 2024

By François Magnin

Easily find greener alternatives to your existing solvents and meet the regulatory & safety requirements (low toxicity, VOC, flammability...) faster. Leading expert, François Magnin will share...


Getting Access to HSP Values: Existing Data and DIY Determination

Narrow down your formulation space by leveraging existing HSP data and learn how to work with HSP in your day-to-day: from determination (practical vs theoretical) to interpretation...

Formulate Faster and Smarter with HSP


Science-based Formulation: Discover the Power of HSP

Discover how you can benefit from the predictability of science to speed-up your formulation work using validated scientific models...

Science Based Formulation via Hansen Solubility Parameters


Step-by-Step Use of HSP to Solve Complex Formulation Cases

Make rational formulation choices by applying HSP model in practice to tackle complex cases much faster (find ideal solvent blends, solve adhesion issues...)...

Solving Complex Formulation Challenges with Hansen Parameters


Do you want to optimize the heat reflection performance? Heubach’s offers a range of IR reflecting pigments which can maximize the solar reflectivity of a coated surface and minimize heat and its...


Are you looking for organic & (non-lead) inorganic powder pigments suitable for any water-based road marking paint? Heubach has developed pigments for high-performance industrial coatings. These...


Are you looking for pigments with high light & weather fastness for high-quality industrial paints? Heubach’s pigments offer the following benefits: Good opacity Very high tinting strength...

Tech Paper

Reducing Agent TP 1646 by Brüggemann is an advanced formaldehyde-free reducing agent with high process robustness and odor reduction properties for emulsion polymerization. It is based on an organic...


Read this brochure and learn about NobleAI's science-based AI solutions for optimizing battery development. This technology is designed to make use of modern cloud infrastructure, scientific...
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