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The material selection platform
Coatings Ingredients

Science-based Formulation

If you’re in search of efficiency, your best move is to let go of trial-and-error and take a step towards science-based predictive models! As industry gets more and more digital, the use of science-based tools and apps is accelerating.

Applications cover the full formulation scope: solvent replacement (creative blends), optimization of the dispersibility, stabilization of emulsions… and many more!

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Jun 3, 2024 | Industry News

Researchers Engineer Thermal Insulation Coatings for Electronic Devices

Researchers demonstrate the ability to engineer materials that are both stiff and capable of insulating against heat. This combination of properties is extremely unusual. It can be used to develop...

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Apr 15, 2024 | Article

Uncountable's Cloud-based Platform for Data-driven Innovation in Coatings

By SpecialChem

Speed up your coatings R&D with Uncountable's cloud-based software fully integrated with all the critical data systems & tools used in the laboratory...

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Apr 10, 2024 | Industry News

Researchers Develop Bacterial Sensor Based on Chip with Innovative Surface Coating

Researchers have developed a novel bacterial sensor. It is based on a chip with an innovative surface coating. It ensures that only very specific microorganisms stick to the sensor - for example...

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Mar 18, 2024 | Industry News

Researchers Identify Ceramic Materials for Metal Coatings in Gas Turbines

Skoltech researchers identify ceramic materials for metal coatings to boost gas turbine efficiency. If further experimental tests prove successful, the coatings will enable power plants to produce...

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Mar 18, 2024 | Industry News

FendX & McMaster Seek Funding for Pathogen-reducing Spray Nanotechnology

FendX Technologies announces that McMaster University submitted an application for a NSERC Alliance grant with FendX as the industry sponsor. FendX, in collaboration with McMaster, has been...

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Sep 14, 2023 | Industry News

NobleAI Presents AI Solutions for Chemical & Materials Informatics on Microsoft Azure

NobleAI, a pioneer in science-based AI solutions for chemical and material informatics, announces general availability of its offerings on Microsoft's Azure marketplace. Solutions now available on...

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Aug 8, 2023 | Industry News

DIC Joins Project for Biomanufacturing Paint & Ink Raw Materials from CO₂ and H₂

DIC Corporation, Sojitz Corporation, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Green Earth Institute, Toray Industries and Daicel Corporation conclude an agreement with Japanʼs NEDO for...

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Aug 3, 2023 | Industry News

PPG to Open Center for Automotive Color Development and Application in Italy

PPG announces that it has inaugurated a center of excellence at its Quattordio, Italy site that will increase the efficiency for automotive color development and application. The $2.6 million...

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Jun 15, 2023 | Industry News

UWS Researchers Develop Coating Deposition Technology to Detect Gravitational Waves

Researchers of the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) create a thin film technology to enhance the sensitivity of current and future gravitational wave detectors. Developed by academics at...

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Jun 1, 2023 | Industry News

Researchers Develop AI Program to Discover New Polymer Materials

A program to advance the discovery of new polymers has been developed by a team of interdisciplinary researchers across King’s Faculty of Natural, Mathematical and Engineering Sciences. The software...

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