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Contact Angle: Decisive Surface Data from a Single Test

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Recorded on Jan 26, 2016

Obtain decisive data without running expensive tests to assess surface roughness, uniformity of treatment, release agents residues, weak boundary layers, wettability, printability, over treatment…

(Re)Discover the range of information that can be extracted from Contact Angle Measurements, a simple & far-too-often misused test. 

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Ian Sutherland Presented By:
Ian Sutherland

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Today, most people measure contact angle as if their surface were ideal and they end up with not really reproducible data, which limit the interest to an estimation of the surface tension... 
But with your current equipment and an improved approach to contact angle measurements, you can obtain insightful data about surface roughness & uniformity. Join this course and:

  1. Clarify why you face reliability issues with contact angle data and how to proceed when testing non-ideal surfaces to get full benefit from this simple test

  2. Get guidance to determine by yourselves contact angle hysteresis (measuring advancing & receeding contact angles): the key to get data on release agents residues, weak boundary layers, wettability, printability, over treatment…

  3. Get the clues to interpret contact angle hysteresis and extract the surface info you need with step-by-step explanations on real cases
Contact Angle: Decisive Surface Data from a Single Test

Who should view this course?

  • Packaging manufacturers wishing to print on films
  • WB coatings, inks, adhesives formulators & users (wettability issues)
  • Producers & users of extruded & molded parts (release agents residues)
  • Laminated / multilayer films manufacturers
  • Course Outline

    The following sections will be covered during this session:

    1. Contact angle and surface energy
      • Surface free energy
      • Primary (ionic/covalent) chemical bonds
      • Van der Waals forces

    2. Work of adhesion
      • Young Equation
      • Thermodynamic Work of Adhesion & Contact Angle

    3. Non-ideal surfaces and contact angle hysteresis
      • Spreading pressure
      • Advancing angle & Receding angle
      • Causes of contact angle hysteresis: surface roughness, heterogeneous surface

    4. Interpretation of contact angle data
      • Polar and non-polar contributions
      • Surface treatments assessment
      • Surface characterization

    5. Practical examples of applications of contact angle
      • High surface energy: surface contamination, wettability
      • Low surface energy: polarity of the surface, weak boundary layer

    6. 30 mins Q&A- Interact live/ ask questions directly from the expert !
    Have a query ? Email us for any help !

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    Members Reviews

    Good explanation on which information one get from contact angle

    Joel R. , from Folien Fischer AG

    Improved understanding of interface relationships

    Michelle B. , from Lubrizol Advanced Materials

    Amazing course. Very helpful!

    William B. , from Ergonex, Inc.

    Good overview of theory that I had forgotten. Interesting presentation of contact angle hysteresis.

    Jonathan C. , from LORD Corporation

    Gave a very good overview of contact angle theory and measurements

    Guðmundur G. , from Innovation Center Iceland

    Excellent course! Good technical background and explanation of proper methodologies to gain useful information from contact angle measurements.

    Eileen W. , from ShawCor Ltd.

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