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US Food Contact Regulations: How to Ease Compliance?

On-Demand Course

Recorded on Sep 12, 2019

Tackle food packaging compliance issues better & avoid delaying your time to market! Accelerate the US FDA approval process for your food contact plastic products by decoding the complex regulatory requirements.

Andreas Tschech (European and US FDA regulations expert) will share tips on material selection, R&D practices, compliance with positive lists, & tests. Topics like active & intelligent packaging, certificate of compliance, FCN information requirements will also be discussed in detail.

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Andreas Tschech Presented By:
Andreas Tschech

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Regulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Increasingly stringent legal requirements defined by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has made the approval process more complex! You need to understand every minor detail and specific stipulations (positive lists, compositional compliance, use conditions, fair R&D practices…) to ensure your products get FDA approval faster..

Join this course and:

  1. Stay up-to-date on latest FDA food contact legislations: new requirements, positive lists, recycling, active/smart packaging…

  2. Learn about different regulations including 21 CFR 174.5, to 179.45, GRAS, 182, 184 and more.

  3. Tackle the case of non-compliant materials better with expert tips & practical know-how.

  4. Lower time & cost needed to get food contact approval by smartly choosing new materials and properly determining their safe condition of use.

  5. Prevent future liability issues by timely running appropriate tests (end use, migration, toxicological..) to determine compliance.

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Who should view this course?

R&D people, quality managers, sales people and buyers of food safe materials... throughout the supply chain – from raw material producers to end-users looking for way to get faster FDA approval must opt for this course.

Course Outline

The following sections will be covered during the session:

  • Structure of US FDA regulations of Food Safe Materials
    • General requirements
    • Specific requirements
    • Other “positive lists” (Where to find them?... )
    • Overview of plastics, additives used in food contact
    • Legislation for Recycling, Active & Intelligent packaging

  • Determining compliance of FCM & what it means for R&D practice
    • Compositional compliance
    • Compliance with use conditions
    • End tests specifications
    • Comparison with EU Requirements

  • What can be done when a material is not compliant?

  • Information requirements for an FCN (Food Contact Substance Notification)

  • Impact on R&D practices & How to optimize?
    • Making an “intelligent choice” of a new substance to be used in the manufacture of a new material
    • Data necessary for determination of the safe use of a new food contact substance

  • Advantages of FDA Clearance

  • Conclusions

  • 30 mins Q&A- Ask your questions directly from the expert !

About the Expert

Andreas Tschech has more than 20 years of experience in European and US FDA regulations for food contact materials. He is a regular speaker at conferences on food contact materials and has performed nearly 600 polymers compliance checks up till now.

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Members Reviews

The FDA requirements are becoming more complex and this training really helped!

Benjamin V. , from Protect-all, Inc.

Very Good! Clear statements on the use of Regulatory (FDA) info

Holly B. , from Amcor Rigid Plastics

This course gave a very clear picture of a complex area

Luis M. , from Repsol

Excellent overview of applicable regulations and how R&D should work with regualtory affairs for selection of ingredients

Marcos B. , from Hewlett Packard

Excellent! Good overview, short, relevant information given

Sabine R. , from Elopak

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