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How to Search & Map US Patents for Patentability?

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Recorded on Jun 28, 2017

Get your innovations patented with ease (avoid infringement issues) by better searching and mapping existing patents in your field.

Laurence Pearson will help ease your patentability process by giving practical guidance on how to structure your search using online databases and share the right methodology to identify connections between patents.

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Laurence Pearson Presented By:
Laurence Pearson

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Methodology
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

To successfully develop & patent your innovation that does not infringe on another's patent, you have to be aware of existing patents in your area. Lack of methodology often turns this into a daunting task with no guaranteed results ! Join this course and:

  1. Get rid of the fear of ruining your chances for a patent by reviewing existing patents in your area of interest and structuring your search using free online databases

  2. Avoid infringement issues by understanding not only the patent itself but also its connection to other patents for a given technology

  3. Communicate clearly about product development opportunities with clear & comprehensive patent maps

Who should view this course?

R&D people working on new innovations looking to avoid patent infringement by enhancing their patent searching and mapping skills. 

Course Outline

The following sections will be covered:
    1. Review of Patent & Claim Structure

    2. Types of Search & their relation to Patent Structure
      • Mechanics of using the two common free online databases
      • Keyword Searching for Patentability
      • Searching using classification codes
      • Managing Results of a search

    3. How to ease patentability of your innovations?
      • Basics of how to plan for a patent portfolio that defends a market space
      • Case Study : Patent Review of a method for reducing haze in fire resistant polycarbonate compositions

    4. 30 Mins Q&A  Ask your questions directly to the expert!

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Members Reviews

Very good! I have definitely learned new things. Well explained. Good examples.

Erica J. , from Kraton Polymers Research

It was a nice overview. Although I have been using www.freepatentsonline.com for a number of years. I gained some new approaches to looking at patent strategies and competitors' patent approaches (Venn diagrams, core/customer's products patent slides).

Christy S. , from Akzo Nobel Coatings

I learnt how to present the patent search results and how to link the company patent status to its development strategy.

Wang D. , from Nipsea Technologies Pte Ltd.

Learnt how to begin searching patents to determine if an invention is patentable, and how to find the "white space" in the patent literature that a new invention can get a patent in.

Benjamin C. , from Siegwerk

While I will not be involved directly in FTP searches I now understand when I need to request one. I also understand the background searching I need to complete to justify an FTP request.

Edmund E. , from Promerus LLC

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