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Advancing Sustainability Solutions with ICL's Corrosion Inhibitors

SpecialChem – Jun 6, 2023

The Inhibitor An Interview with The Inhibitor!

HALOX® is a brand of corrosion inhibitors developed by ICL (Israel Chemicals Ltd.), a global specialty minerals and chemicals company. They work by forming a protective barrier on the metal surface which prevents the onset of corrosion and thereby extends the product’s lifespan. They also prevent the deterioration caused by exposure to moisture, chemicals, and UV radiation.

Known for its effectiveness, versatility, and durability, the HALOX® product line finds use in various sectors including automotive, marine, industrial, and construction, where protection against corrosion is crucial for maintaining the integrity and longevity of metal structures. ICL continues to innovate and develop new products aiming to provide solutions to meet the evolving need of customers and industries worldwide.

To gain more insights and guidance on cutting-edge corrosion inhibitors, we had a chance to engage with The Inhibitor. Let's see his expert advice!

#1 – Can you tell us about the history of ICL and how it began producing corrosion inhibitors for coatings?

The history of ICL and HALOX dates to August 1972 when HALOX® was born. The founding fathers William “Bill” Spangenberg and Dr. Jack S. Nordyke were credited for developing the first lead-free corrosion-inhibiting pigments for paint.

The premiere product began as an offshoot of a lead-free experimental pigment branded HALOX® 11 which was a calcium phosphosilicate. Next came HALOX® 22, a calcium borosilicate followed by HALOX® 33, a combination of both phosphosilicate and borosilicate.

#2 – How has ICL committed to advancing the principles of sustainability?

As a global specialty minerals company, ICL is firmly committed to creating impactful, sustainable solutions to meet humanity’s challenges in engineered materials. HALOX® has launched new products that meet promulgated regulations for volatile organic compounds (VOC) emission reduction, hexavalent chromate-free and heavy metal-free additives for corrosion protection, and tannin blocking.

Advancing Sustainable Water-Based Coatings with Heavy-Metal Free Corrosion Inhibitors

#3 – What are some special features of the HALOX® corrosion inhibitor range?

Our HALOX® corrosion inhibitor range features:

  • Inorganic chemistries protect corrodible assets by enhancing the coating’s corrosion resistance, stopping flash rusting, chelating and locking up soluble tannins in the primer.

  • Organic chemistries improve coating adhesion, lowering surface energy, increasing the corrosion resistance of paint, and allowing ease-of-use post-addable corrosion inhibitors which can be added directly to the finished paint or formulated into the binders.

#4 – How can formulators incorporating HALOX® comply with stringent regulations with ease?

Formulators adding HALOX® to their paint formulations can rest assured HALOX® has fully characterized which products are truly VOC-free and meet or in some cases exceed the EU demand for eco-compliant raw materials.

#5 – Can you tell us what market segments can benefit from your long-term corrosion inhibitors?

  • The automotive (refinish) coatings industry benefits from our long-term corrosion inhibitors.
  • The DIY market benefits from our liquid zero VOC flash rust inhibitors as well as our zinc-free long-term corrosion inhibitors.

#6 – Please tell us about some of the latest grades in this series and some additional benefits they might offer.

  1. Our latest flash rust inhibitor products HALOX® 58-A1 and HALOX® 58-A2 deliver passivation via proprietary environmentally friendly and nontoxic oxyanions. The combination of non-oxidizing oxyanions together with <5% sodium nitrite sets this product at a unique competitive advantage. Our customers can use 0.5% of our product versus 2% of the closest competitor.

  2. Our newest defoamer LOPON® E 100: The newest 85% bio-based defoamer LOPON® E 100 is designed for glossy paints, which often dictate the need for zero VOC, no labeling, siloxane-free, and mineral oil-free.

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