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About ICL Specialty Chemicals

About ICL Specialty Chemicals

ICL Phosphate Specialty is a division of ICL Specialty Products Inc., one of ICL’s (Israel Chemicals Limited) core operating segments. ICL is a leading global specialty phosphate producer committed to fulfilling humanity’s ever-evolving needs. Our HALOX® corrosion inhibitors were established in 1972 to meet regulatory, industry and customer demand for lead and chromate-free non-toxic pigments for corrosion resistant and tannin stain resistant coatings. For over 50 years, HALOX® corrosion inhibitors have provided the paint and coatings industry with innovative corrosion inhibiting solutions. BK Ladenburg GmbH as a 100% subsidiary of Hoechst and sold to the ICL Group in 1996. After the merger with Giulini Chemie in 1987 to form BK Giulini Chemie GmbH & Co. OHG, the company was renamed in 2003 to today's legal entity BK Giulini GmbH. Since 2013, the plant has appeared under the group name as ICL Ladenburg. This product line includes the brands LOPON® and POLYRON®.

As the global leader in providing HALOX® corrosion inhibitors to the paint and coatings market, ICL Phosphate Specialty is more than a pigment supplier. We are an innovative solution provider for your ever-evolving needs. Our HALOX® product line is formulated to offer safer, more durable, and longer-lasting solutions to address a multitude of coatings markets while also aiding formulators in achieving total system compatibility and identifying an optimum inhibitor package that addresses individual cost and performance targets.​​

Our trademark LOPON® includes different groups of additives like dispersing agents, defoamers and stabilizers which are widely used in water-based paints and plasters.

Our POLYRON® products are polyphosphates with a selected chain-length distribution. These products are extensively used as dispersing agents in pigmented water-based systems primarily, in water-based paints.​​

Discover more about ICL Coatings for your applications including market applications. Explore key features of recommended grades per applications and find more resources like brochures and product technical datasheets to learn about them.

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