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2018 American Coatings Show Overview

Mike Clingerman – Apr 19, 2018

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American Coatings Show 2018The 2018 American Coatings Conference and Show (Indianapolis) (ACS) brought the top coatings professionals and suppliers together for this biannual event. This was the sixth such event and was the best attended to date and it is organized and presented by the American Coating Association and Vincentz.

Over three days the conference covered such topics as:

The organizers conducted an online survey of the participants at the ACS opening ceremony. This is a good overview of where industrial commercial efforts are focused. Top priorities per attendees were:

  • Waterborne developments (zero and low VOC coatings) – by far the most highly rated and this topic was a feature in the most papers
  • Functional coating tech development; rapid growth was projected1
  • Urethane coatings, especially non-isocyanate containing polyurethanes
  • Radiation cured coatings: The papers related to radiation-cured tended to reflect the current trend toward using light-emitting diode technology to replace mercury bulb technology
  • Bio-based raw materials (replacing petro-based materials) did not rate high in the survey, but there were many papers on this topic

I enjoyed both the show/conference and the venue. The progress into increasingly smarter and more environmentally acceptable coatings is both encouraging and fun to watch.

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