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Are you sick of bubbling and downglossing of PU wood coatings? This issue mainly depends on the moisture content of the wood. Incozol 2 acts as an effective moisture scavenger in polyurethane...

Jun 10, 2016 | Article

Defend Trade Secrets Act: What You Need to Know?

By Laurence Pearson

The Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) was signed into law on May 11, 2016 after a remarkable display of unity in both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. The DTSA creates an option for...

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Missed Incorez at the American Coatings Show 2016? Well, here is the excellent technical presentation that was held by Tushar Trivedi, Applications Engineer at Incorez. Oxazolidines are versatile...

Apr 20, 2016 | Article

HSP-Based Dispersants Selection Method for Instant Match

By Sander van Loon

Predictive power increases with the number of HSPs tested. So in practice, more knowledge, fewer experiments & more savings. The selection of a suitable dispersant for a filler or a pigment...

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Dispersogen® AN 200 is an anionic dispersing agent for universal pigment preparations, able to disperse organic and inorganic pigments and suitable for label-free point of-sales colorants and...

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Incozol 2 is mono-oxazolidine primarily used as a reactive moisture scavenger, universally suitable for use with polyols and solvents. Used correctly it prevents many of the common problems...

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The addition of Incozol 4 promotes fast through-cure but without any CO2 gas evolution. It also allows the formulator to reduce the isocyanate level which could lead to a reduction in toxicity of...

Apr 22, 2016 | Article

Coatings Trends: Interview with Croda (Eurocoat 2016)

By SpecialChem

Eurocoat 2016 - We interviewed Hans Ridderikhoff, Croda Global Research & Technology Manager, Coatings & Polymers. Watch & discover what he said about trends in the industry, new developments...

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Apr 13, 2016 | Article

Are your Photoinitiators Optimized for LED Inks Curing?

By J. Pesenti

UV-inks are made of different chemical components. Among all those components, one has a crucial role: the photoinitiator. Indeed, the photoinitiator is the UV-ink component that will react with the...

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Dispersing agents & humectants for pigment preparations Regulatory constraints, environmental considerations, novel effects and changing customer tastes require constant reformulation. At Clariant...
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