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Coatings Ingredients
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Coatings Ingredients
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Coatings ingredients supplied by BASF

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Product Name
Polysiloxane copolymer solution. Used as slip additive in non-aqueous surface coatings. Exhibits very good defoaming effect. Possesses tendency to stabilize the surface foam... view more
Perenol® S 58 by BASF is organo-modified polysiloxane-based non-reactive slip modifier and leveling agent for printing inks, coatings and paints. Exhibits very good substrate wetting and reduction... view more
Organo-modified polysiloxane. Used as a non-reactive slip modifier and leveling/wetting agent for printing inks, overprint varnishes, coatings and paints. Exhibits very good substrate wetting and... view more
Organomodified Polysiloxane. Used as a non-reactive slip and leveling agent for UV-printing inks and overprint-varnishes. Enhances a very good substrate wetting due to the reduction of the surface... view more
Copolysiloxane. Acts as an additive for improving flow and the slip of solvent-based and solventless coatings... view more
Perenol® WS by BASF is an additive to improve the flow and boiling marks in aqueous industrial coatings. This grade is combination of surface active low molecular polymers. Reduces bubbles and... view more
Aqueous dispersion of metallic soaps and non ionic tensides. Used as a lubricant, improves the application of coatings and imparts a better finish to coated papers. Offers improved sandability... view more
Silicone-free defoamer designed specially for 2-pack epoxy, unsaturated polyester and PUR systems. Used for flooring coatings, coatings of much higher film thickness as well as in airless spray... view more
Solution of modified silicone oil. Acts as a universal defoamer especially designed for 2-pack epoxy, unsaturated polyester and PUR systems. Provides films and surfaces without any foam or bubbles... view more
Copolyacrylate. Used as a silicone-free leveling agent for solvent-based, solvent-free and powder coatings. Offers bubble-free surfaces with good levelling properties. Modifies the surface tension... view more
Silicone-free leveling agent. Used in powder coatings based on epoxy resins, polyesters, polyurethanes, and polyacrylates... view more
Acrylate copolymer. Acts as a silicone and solvent-free leveling agent. Improves the flow, dispersion and floating behaviour. Prevents air entrapment and optimizes wetting of the substrate... view more
Highly effective polymeric water repellent agent for aqueous paints. Provides hydrophobic characteristics to paints both in low and in high PVC. Increases wet edges which means an improvement of the... view more
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