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Coatings Ingredients
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Coatings Ingredients
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Coatings ingredients supplied by Invista Specialty Chemicals

Dytek® is a family of multifunctional amine and nitrile chemical intermediates. The Dytek® specialty intermediates line of products includes linear, branched, and cyclic aliphatic amines and unsaturated nitriles. The main areas of application are epoxy coatings, composites, construction & building products, polyurethanes, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, and chemical synthesis.

Dytek® HMD is a major intermediate used in the production of nylon and isocyanate (HDI). The product is available in 100% solid form and aqueous dilutions, mainly 90%, 80% and 60%.
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Dytek® A (2-Methylpentamethylenediamine) by Invista acts as a curing agent. It provides good metal adhesion, chemical & corrosion resistance. It imparts toughness, high gloss, low blush, uniform... view more
Dytek® BHMT-HP (Bis(hexamethylene)triamine) by Invista acts as an emulsifier, curing, flocculating and chelating agent. It is a solid aliphatic triamine that provides unique properties when used in... view more
Dytek® DCH-99 (1,2-Diaminocyclohexane) by Invista is a cyclic aliphatic diamine. It acts as an extender, corrosion inhibitor, catalyst and chelating- and curing agent. It is compatible with... view more
Dytek® EP (1,3-Pentanediamine) by Invista is a low viscosity, low odor, liquid diamine featuring an odd carbon, ethyl branched, asymmetric structure and differential amine reactivity. It is... view more
Dytek® HMI (Hexamethyleneimine) by Invista is a clear, colorless liquid with an ammonia-like odor. Dytek® HMI (Hexamethyleneimine) is used in inks... view more
Dytek® Hexamethylenediamine by Invista is a 99.9% pure aliphatic diamine, available from 70–100 wt% concentrations in water (in Europe, product is also available as 60 wt% solution). It acts as a... view more
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