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Coatings Ingredients
The material selection platform
Coatings Ingredients
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Coatings ingredients supplied by allnex

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DUROFTAL® PE 6163/66SNABG by allnex is a slightly branched, oil-free, saturated polyester resin. It is preferably used in coil coating primers for steel and non-ferrous metals with a balanced ratio... view more
DUROFTAL® PE 6607/60BGMP by allnex is an oil-free polyester resin. It has been especially developed as a replacement of epoxy resins for interior and exterior coatings for metal packaging goods (can... view more
DUROFTAL® PE 912/60SNA by allnex is an oil-free polyester for the use in solvent-borne base- and top-coats. It is best used in baking coatings in combination with melamine resins for curing. The... view more
DUROFTAL® PI 2801/78BAC by allnex is a hydroxy-functional polyester. In combination with aliphatic polyisocyanates, it produces high quality, ultra high solids, two pack clear and pigmented topcoats... view more
DUROFTAL® VPE 6104/60MPAC by allnex is an oil-free, saturated polyester. It offers very good levelling at roller application, good deformability and color stability. This product is especially... view more
DUROFTAL® VPE 6117 by allnex is an aliphatic polyester resin and contributes to increased solids content of the paint and to improved build, gloss and flexibility of the paint film. DUROFTAL® VPE... view more
DUROFTAL® VPE 6128/70SNABG by allnex is a linear, oil free, saturated polyester resin used for coil coating topcoats and high performance industrial stoving enamels. DUROFTAL® VPE 6128/70SNABG shows... view more
DUROFTAL® VPI 2803/78BAC by allnex is a hydroxy functional polyester and is cross-linkable with polyisocyanates. In combination with aliphatic polyisocyanates, pre-eminently with Desmodur® N 3300... view more
Saturated polyester resin. Used for interior coatings for metal packaging goods and and flexible exterior can coatings systems... view more
DUROFTAL™ PE 6192/60SNABG by allnex is a solventborne hydroxylated polyester grade. Exhibits well balanced between flexibility, crosslinking density and hardness. Also exhibits excellent weathering... view more
Solvent borne hydroxylated polyester. Offers flexibility, hardness, yellowing and humidity resistance, pigment wetting, impact resistance, long pot life, flow and levelling, chemical as well as... view more
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