Boost your Technical Skills with SpecialChem Online Courses!

All our online courses are designed to provide you and your team the necessary support to achieve technical excellence in your field - be it Plastics, Adhesives, Coatings or Cosmetics. These courses offer an efficient way to unlock your growth potential and stay at the forefront of innovation.

Learn from top notch industry experts, who deliver 90-min online courses to help you:
  • Select the right ingredients
  • Troubleshoot formulation issues
  • Innovate faster than ever!

You can choose from over 150 industry-specific courses classified into following categories:
  • Formulation
  • Innovation
  • Methodology
  • Regulation
  • Technology
2019 SpecialChem Online Courses Program
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Stay ahead of the game by learning latest tips & tricks, cost-effective solutions and insider industry knowledge with SpecialChem Online Courses.

Who are your trainers? Top coatings & inks industry experts!

Jochum Beetsma -coatings pigment dispersion Terence Kenneth - inks Edward Petrie
and many more...

A word from the Online Courses program director

"In 2018, we completed 15 years and also reached the landmark of 150+ courses in our library! I would like to thank all those who have been a part of our journey and a special thank you to our long-time attendees for being with us for all these years! Our aim is to keep adding new & relevant courses and improve our services to address your needs better."Sreeparna Das - Online Courses Program Director
Sreeparna DAS

What your peers have to say about SpecialChem Online Courses

"Provided me with information I have missed in my studies. It also provided me with information for further evaluation in the future."
R&D Technician from Lord Corporation

"I liked the professional delivery by the speaker; obtained useful links to resources, suppliers & references."
Product Development Manager, BASF

"It is very good to hear from a lecturer with extensive real-world experience rather than (or in addition to) just academic knowledge. The specific examples, anecdotes, and advice regarding specific materials is invaluable"
R&D Manager from Quantum Leap Packaging
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