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Digital Tool to Ease Coating R&D Formulation

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Recorded on Oct 6, 2020

Accelerate time to market your coatings formulation by replacing complicated calculations of volume parameters with smart auto-calculations by digital tools. Needless to say this potentially reduces your number of trial samples & takes away the risk of human error!

Expert François will teach you how to leverage digital tools to develop better formulations faster. With example of a digital tool ‘Formula’, he will further clarify how to make a formulator’s life easy & gain greater control over film properties (opacity, porosity, gloss...)! He will explain how you can efficiently work both in weight and volume in parallel with practical case studies.
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François Magnin Presented By:
François Magnin

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Beginner

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Why should you view this course?

Developing a successful paint formulation requires working in parallel with weight and volume. While working with weight can be easier in lab, you can easily lose control on volume parameters, which are actually the key to control various film properties (opacity, porosity, gloss...).

Join this course to see how you can use digital tools to speed-up your formulation without having to worry about any complicated calculations, search numerous databases, waste time on trials!

  • Wisely invest your R&D time in selecting the right ingredient quantities for your coating process with the help of digitalized tools.

  • Gain better control over the final film properties by working with volume parameters (vs weight) when developing coatings.

  • Save cost as you curb your loading quantities & avoid wastage of efforts & materials with expert tips.
Digital Tool to Ease Coating R&D Formulation

Who should view this course?

Coating formulators in R&D: engineer, technician, personnel in coatings and raw materials selection looking to accelerate & optimize their formulations

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Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • What is a paint?
    • Thinking a paint in weight or volume
    • The main volume parameters and their impact
    • Formulation via Spreadsheet
    • Using a more advance digital tool
    • Objectives of the training

  • Example of Digital Tool- “Formula”
    • The basics
    • The Formulation Module

  • Parameters to Speed up Formulation Process
    • Easy change of Weight, volume or percentage
    • Summing up quantities
    • Adjusting the solid content
    • Adjusting coalescing agent
    • Recalculating quantities

  • Practical Case Studies
    • Replacing a filler
    • Increasing PVC to reduce cost
    • From a bright paint to a satin paint

  • Conclusion

  • 30 mins Q&A- ask your questions directly !

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