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Autonomic Materials offers a platform of self-healing additives enabling extended coating lifetimes and reduced asset maintenance costs. When added into a coating formulation, the self-healing additives provide improved corrosion resistance and coating adhesion at the site of damage. 

Self-healing mechanism in smart coatings: how does it work?

High performance coatings with self-healing additives become smart coatings and the protective nature of the coating is re-established after damage to provide continuous substrate protection.

What is the mechanism behind self-healing coatings?

The self-healing process is truly autonomous and does not require external energy. The trigger is the damage!

The process follows three main steps as described below:

The microcapsules are ruptured by the damage itself Microencapsulated delivery of liquid healing agent to the site of damage Healing agent polymerizes and heals damage

Autonomic Materials is the recognized leader in self-healing additive technology for high-performance coatings. Autonomic Materials offer solutions to prevent the costly problem of coating deterioration initiated and accelerated through common physical, mechanical, thermal and related everyday environmental stresses in the workplace. For a broad range of coating applications, from consumer to heavy industrial, our products impart unparalleled corrosion resistance, adhesion enhancement and extended service life after damage. 

The healing is effective on all levels of coating degradation from small scale to large scale damage:
Small-Scale Damage Large-Scale Damage
  • Multiple internal microcracks
  • Damage size < 50 um
  • Impact shocks, weathering, etc.
  • Damage size >= 500 um
  • Edges sealed off
Control vs Self-healing
Impact test
Impact test
Scribe test
Scribe Test


Case Studies from Self-Healing Technologies for Coatings

How to get improved corrosion resistance in epoxy powder and fusion-bonded epoxy coatings with self-healing additives

High-performance coatings are required to protect metal from corrosion in demanding industries like oil and gas, heavy equipment and mining. While coating performance has been improved to provide longer and better protection, one critical issue remains: the exposure of metal after coating damage. Once the metal is exposed, corrosion spreads and coating adhesion is reduced. The challenge is therefore to develop a self-healing coating with the ability to maintain adhesion to the substrate after damage.

AMPARMORTM 2000, a microcapsule based self-healing additive developed by Autonomic Materials, is suitable for use in powder coatings to provide improved long term corrosion resistance.

Download the case study to learn more and get comparative data!



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