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What are the Alternatives to BPA in Coatings?

SpecialChem / Sreeparna Das – Jan 11, 2016

Alternatives to BPA in CoatingsAlmost all the food and beverage cans feature epoxy resins in the form of protective linings for a variety of canned foods and beverages and as a coating on metal lids for glass jars and bottles, including containers used for infant formula. However, epoxy resins have come under scrutiny because their foundational building block is bisphenol A (BPA).

In the first part of the report, we saw in detail the coating industry’s connection to Bisphenol A (BPA) and the regulatory status w.r.t. BPA. In the second part of this report, we are presenting the BPA-free solutions that were shared by SpecialChem Community Members.

Read on to know more about:

» Alternative Technologies to Epoxy Can Coatings
» Existing Commercial Alternatives – Arkema, Evonik, Hempel, Croda and many more
» Ongoing Research & Development

1 Comments on "What are the Alternatives to BPA in Coatings? "
Ray C Jan 21, 2016
None of the above mentioned alternatives to BPA based epoxy have the huge amount of health and safety data available that BPA based epoxy coatings have and hence from a health and safety perspective we will not be changing from a tried tested and proven technology. the risks and costs of a claim are too big to contemplate in this era of litigation happy lawyers. The technology is well defendable and has a clean bill of health from the 2 most important places and none of the others has the safe track record to back it up. Hence I think it would be incredibly unwise to adopt something with a risk of latent health issues at a later stage when there is a perfectly safe alternative available. It is quite clear from all the work that the BPA "ban" is politically motivated on this basis alone and not based on hard facts. Where health is concerned they should prevail and do so for BPA based epoxy - even for drinking water in polycarbonate drinking water bottles.

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