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Optimal Selection and Use of Rheology Modifiers

SpecialChem / May 9, 2011

Paint formulations require rheology modifiers to adjust flow properties during manufacturing, storage as well as application. Although representing typically less than 1% of the formulation, the rheology modifier determines to a large extend main paint properties such as storage stability, ease of application, sag resistance, flow and leveling.Rheology modifiers are used in coating materials and paints to give the system wanted rheological characteristics. The rheology of a coating material relates to storage, processing as well as application conditions. A wide range of rheology modifiers is made available, most of these with very specific features and benefits. This article reviews specific properties of main classes, including cellulose and associative thickeners, as used in aqueous systems, up to polyamides and organoclays as used in solvent-borne paints and coatings. Furthermore, various measurement procedures are being proposed, as well as basic selection criteria for rheology modifiers in relation to various paint systems.

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