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Novel Sag Control Agents for a More Robust Paint Application Process and Reduced Telegraphing

SpecialChem / PCI Magazine – Oct 8, 2008

In order to obtain glossy coatings with a high-quality appearance it is necessary that surface irregularities created during paint application or during drying/curing of the paint level out sufficiently, while sagging problems are avoided. In this paper it is shown that paint thixotropy can be very useful in increasing sag resistance, improving coating appearance and widening the application window. Thixotropy can be introduced in paints by addition of sag control agents. New Sag Control Agents (SCAs) have been developed based on chiral amines, which are very efficient (%SCA needed to obtain a given amount of sag resistance) and are also able to suppress telegraphed roughness from the substrate more than the existing SCAs. One of the major requirements for glossy coatings, such as automotive clearcoats (CC), is to have a perfectly smooth surface after the curing process.On the other hand, the viscosity must be high enough to avoid the occurrence of sagging defects, like the formation of tears or sagging curtains.

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