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New Generation of Silica-Encapsulated, Ultramarine Blue High-Performance Pigments for Coatings

SpecialChem / Apr 1, 2009

There are several possible definitions of High-Performance Pigments (HPPs) but all of them go in the same direction. A high-performance pigment is one that: * demonstrates high-performance properties in its intended end use; * commands a premium price based on value-in-use and that has not yet been copied by generic producers; and * is the right pigment for a specific use with well-defined quality criteria at optimized cost. The superior performance of such pigments is generally related to a combination of as many key attributes/benefits as possible, e.g., uniqueness of color, ease of dispersion, durability, weather fastness, chemical resistance, processing improvements, thermal resistance and resistance to migration. Ultramarine Blues – High-Performance Pigments? Historically, Ultramarine Blue (PB 29) has not been considered a high-performance pigment for coatings. It is however a pigment that shows outstanding technical characteristics that could make it very appealing for paint producers in the 21st century.

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