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New Anti-Fingerprint Coatings

SpecialChem / Nov 12, 2008

Achieving oil and water repellency on surfaces is easily obtained with the use of fluoroalkyl-modified silanes. While perfluoroalkyl-modified silanes exhibit high static and advancing water and oil contact angles, their low receding contact angles mean the oil and water will not readily slide over the treated surface. The resulting effect of these characteristics yields a surface that is both easy to clean and stays clean longer. Ultimately, modified perfluoropolyether silanes give high static and advancing water and oil contact angles as well as high receding contact angles resulting in a very low sliding angle. The influence of structure modification of the silane and the perfluoropolyether component is examined, and their impact on performance by application method is discussed in this paper. The goal of these improvements is a surface modified for use in forming a low-surface-tension layer or a dirt-preventive layer on the surface of various substrates and a method for applying the coating material.

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