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Modern Eco-solvent Inkjet Ink Formulation

Terence Kenneth – Oct 25, 2017

Modern Eco-solvent Inkjet FormulationEco-solvent inkjet printers have really flourished and are expected to see more permutations in the market in future ahead.

This was possible because of quicker drying speed, lower cost, wider color gamut and most importantly eco-friendly nature of eco-solvent inks.

There aren’t many formulation types across the entire inkjet spectrum that offer the same advantages that eco-solvent does.

So, learn how to select the right solvent for your eco-solvent inkjet ink and find a quick material % formulation guide to achieve good quality inks.

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3 Comments on "Modern Eco-solvent Inkjet Ink Formulation"
Firas K Apr 23, 2020
Hello Terence, thanks for sharing these information. Does Eco-solvent works for thermal Inkjet Ink system. since this system is required very short dry time. I was working for flexo & gravure printing ink industry . I am new in Thermal inkjet industry. Could you please send me some advises where I can start to improve my experience in Thermal inkjet industry. my e-mail is : firas.karbouj@outlook.com
Terence K Nov 2, 2017
Hello Adiwan , Thanks for your comment. On a cost per liter basis, hard solvent has a slight edge on cost over eco-solvent, particularly in developing countries, but over time I expect that this will become more balanced. I will send an example of a hard-solvent ink formulation to your email address. Best regards, Terence.
Adiwan D Nov 1, 2017
Hello Terence, Thanking you for sharing this new solvents. You make costs comparison against water-based ink. Do you have comparison against "hard" solvent-based ink? If you have, please share the example formulation of "hard" solvent-based formulation. Thanks & regards, Adiwan Djohanli adiwan.djohanli@gmail.com

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