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Industrial Coatings – How Much is Durability an Issue!

SpecialChem / Jan 11, 2006

Many classifications of industrial coatings are possible e.g. by: * Application - transportation, general industrial, maintenance * Type of Coatings - OEM. Repair, refinish, maintenance * Binder Chemistry - acrylic, polyester, polyurethane, epoxy, alkyd * Formulation - solvent borne, waterborne, solids content * Process - electrodeposition, brushing, spraying, coil coating, powder coating * Curing Technology (mainly thermosets) - air, thermal, uv curing * Number of functional coats - electrodeposition layer, primer surfacer, primer, base coat, clear coat Industrial Coatings in this article cover both the automotive and general industrial markets. Examples of Paint Degradation * Adhesion loss * Blistering * Chalking * Cracking * Colour fade * Corrosion of substrate * Loss of gloss Several factors need to be considered when deciding the durability of an industrial coating system: * What lifetime does the user need and expect from a coating system * How much is the user willing to pay for his durability needs

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