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Industrial Coatings Coloring Options Part II (New Directions)

SpecialChem / Nov 16, 2010

In the previous article we discussed the differences in coloring methods used in the architectural and industrial markets focusing on the coloration of industrial coatings. We traced the coloring options from pigments, to pastes, dry dispersions and finally to a new class of pigment preparations Multi functional pigments. We summarized several of the options available in this new segment of the pigment market. Here we will discuss the differences in coloring needs of various segments of the industrial coatings market. We will focus on the benefits that MFP preparations bring to market and propose a method to evaluate these process benefits of MFP. Multifunctional pigment preparations are at the point trying to finding their place in the industrial coating market. The industrial market is generally divided into several well recognized segments: OEM (Liquid and Powder) Maintenance; Specialty Coatings. Segments such as the automotive or coil coatings market segments are large volume, with their material needs and process well defined.

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