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The material selection platform
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Industrial Coatings Coloring Options Part I (New Directions)

SpecialChem / Nov 1, 2010

A revolutionary transformation in Coatings Industry effecting as to when and how coatings are colored has taken place in the last 30 years. Significant differences in how architectural and industrial coatings are colored have resulted. Point of sale coloring is the method of choice in the architectural coatings market. Factory tints common in the 50’s and 60’s have all but disappeared from the scene. The use of universal tinters dispensed on site in DIY stores and at contractor centers has taken their place. Coatings are almost exclusively tinted at the time of purchase. Other than sample pots (2-4 Oz) all that is stocked in a retail store today are white bases for tinting. The concept of point of sales tinting has not achieved the same degree of acceptance in the industrial market place. This is in part due to the nature of the industrial market, where color selection is driven by different metrics. The need to meet specific application and performance standards has a significant greater effect on color selection in the industrial sector than it has in the architectural sector.

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