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How to Optimize the Use of TiO2?

Jochum Beetsma & Jochum Beetsma – Jun 16, 2017

TiO2 Optimization StrategiesTitanium dioxide (TiO2) is the most suited white pigment, to give a coating - whiteness and hiding power. This is because, it does not absorb visible light and it has a high refractive index.

However, the pigment is expensive, especially when volume prices of systems are used. But, practice shows that the best cost / performance ratio can be obtained, if the system is studied well and checked whether, TiOparticles in your system are:

 » Separated from each other
 » Stabilized sufficiently against flocculation
 » Distributed well
 » And more…

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5 Comments on "How to Optimize the Use of TiO2?"
Jochum B Feb 1, 2018
Dear Mr/Mrs Pisit, Yes, the concept can be applied to TiO2 particles in any system, including plastics. My experience is that especially in plastics a lot of money is thrown away because separation of pigment particles is far from perfect. This implies that full colour strength of expensive pigment is not obtained. Greetings, Jochum Beetsma.
Ariel Cruz L Jan 12, 2018
Great article!
Pisit J Dec 16, 2017
Is this concept can be a apply to polyethylene compound with TiO2?
Aqsa A Dec 16, 2017
Excellent article. Good effort.
Sudhakar T Jun 28, 2017
Amazing innovative solution. My heartfelt congrats to team. Will benefit those whoare working on growing the core.

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