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High-performance Pigments for Coatings - Recent Developments

SpecialChem – Jun 29, 2017

High-performance Pigments for CoatingsHigh-performance pigments (HPPs) have become increasingly important in recent years. The segment exhibits a high growth rate as compared to more classical types of pigments.

The high-performance pigments don't just add color but also deliver enhanced characteristics like heat management, anti-corrosive, IR reflection etc. in coatings. Also, there is a continuing switch to HPPs for quality and environmental reasons despite higher cost.

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1 Comments on "High-performance Pigments for Coatings - Recent Developments"
Aqsa A Dec 16, 2017
Great effort guys. You people provide a great research on high performance pigments. Its is very helpful for manufacturers as market requirement of high performance pigments is increasing. Keep it up.

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