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Diverse Applications for Crystalline Calcium Sulfonate Coating Systems in Challenging Environments

SpecialChem / Apr 16, 2008

Petroleum sulfonates have evolved dramatically from their emergence as by-products of white mineral oil production to multifunctional products vital to modern industry and commerce. At the turn of the century, what we now call natural petroleum sulfonates, or their precursors (sulfonic acids) were being produced in fairly large quantities as "waste product" in the production of food grade white mineral oils. It wasn't long before the sulfonate molecule was recognized for its ability to function as a detergent and corrosion inhibitor. The need for corrosion protection and neutralization of acids in internal combustion engines led to the development of alkaline earth metal sulfonate compounds which we now know as "over based petroleum sulfonates".Today, these compounds are a primary active ingredient in lubricating oils for engines used in everything from lawn mowers to marine diesel and have a myriad of other uses.Their chemical cousins, crystalline sulfonates, are widely used in automotive and truck coatings as well as marine coatings for ship and barge ballast tanks and void spaces.

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