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Coil Coating Part V-The Future

SpecialChem / Jun 29, 2005

New Product development has played a significant role in the growth of coil coating and it is likely to continue its impact on the future of coil coating. In almost every five year period since the early 80's, the growth of coil coated production has exceeded the growth rates of either steel and/or aluminum production. This growth rate has not been very consistent but it is fairly easy to explain the peaks and valleys by simply looking at the success or failure of the new products that were introduced. National metal production seldom tracks national economic development or national GDP. There are both internal and external factors which skew the numbers such as imports, exports, labor interruptions and other market factors such as container's impact on aluminum production. But Global metal production is fairly consistent to world economic development. The global market size of coil coated material is simply a subset of the world's market for metal. What should happen is that the market for coil coated material should increase or decrease in lock step with the metal market.

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