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Antimicrobial Coatings

SpecialChem / Feb 4, 2009

A study conducted by the Battelle organization forecasts that antibacterial surfaces and germ-resistant coatings will be an important technological breakthrough in household products. Homeowners are looking for new cleansers that provide lasting protection on kitchen and bathroom surfaces. This protection from disease-causing micro-organisms might be built into surfaces with disinfectant treatment and materials. It also anticipates that young people will insist on safe and healthy products and be prepared to pay more for products and services that offer health benefits. Recent food poisoning outbreaks and high rates of hospital-acquired infections have also heightened people's awareness on how easily diseases can be transmitted. Antibacterial coatings will provide an extra line of defense and a complementary strategy for maintaining hygiene standards and public health. Antibacterial coatings will also reduce the risk of infected surfaces acting as a reservoir for transmission to food and humans.

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