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Scuranate™ TX by Vencorex is a mixture of the two isomers of TDI: 2,4-toluene diisocyanate and 2,6-toluene diisocyanate with high concentration of 2,4-toluene diisocyanate. Used in polyurethane... view more
Scuranate™ T100 by Vencorex is a 2,4- toluene diisocyanate. Suitable for PU paints. It should be stored at temperatures around 25-30°C. Storage at higher temperatures can lead to discolouring and... view more
Tolonate™ HDB 75 B by Vencorex is an aliphatic polyisocyanate biuret (HDI homo-polymer). Acts as a crosslinking agent. Offers excellent mechanical properties in conjunction with outstanding... view more
  • Coatings>Solvent-Free/ High-Solids
  • Resins>Polyurethanes (PU)>2 Components
  • Coatings Markets>Automotive refinishing
  • Coatings Markets>General Industrial /Maintenance
  • ...
Hexamethylene Diisocyanate (HDI) by Vencorex is aliphatic and used in the chemical synthesis of aliphatic polyisocyanates and polyurethanes, such as aqueous dispersible polyurethane polymers (PUD)... view more
Scuranate™ T80 by Vencorex is a mixture of 2, 4-toluene diisocyanate (80%) and 2, 6-toluene diisocyanate (20%). Major applications include polyurethane flexible foams (slabs/moldings), cast... view more

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