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Coatings Ingredients
Product Name
Aventk® EA-025 by Aventk is a multifunctional epoxy acrylate oligomer. It has low viscosity. Aventk® EA-025 by Aventk offers good flexibility, good adhesion and excellent sanding... view more
Aventk® EA-029 by Aventk is an epoxy methacrylate grade. Aventk® EA-029 by Aventk exhibits low viscosity and good adhesion characteristic... view more
Aventk® EA-233 is a modified epoxy acrylate oligomer. Offers fast cure, good adhesion and good toughness... view more
Aventk® EA-911 is a modified epoxy acrylate oligomer. Offers good adhesion and good water resistance... view more
Aventk® EsA-074-30 is a polyester acrylate oligomer diluted in 30 TMPTA. Offers high tensile strength, good solvent resistance, good impact & abrasion resistance and good adhesion... view more
Aventk® EsA-340 by Aventk is a multifunctional polyester acrylate oligomer. Exhibits good adhesion, self-leveling and low durometer hardness. Offers rapid cure and the cured films range from stiff... view more
Aventk® FA-068 is a modified acrylate oligomer. Offers good abrasion resistance, good solvent resistance, good leveling and excellent adhesion properties... view more
Aventk® FA-076 is a modified acrylate oligomer. Offers good flexibility, good water resistance and non-yellowing properties... view more
Aventk® FA-200 is an aliphatic urethane acrylate oligomer. Offers fast curing, heat- and chemical resistance... view more
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