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Troysperse™ SD8

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Troy Corporation

Troysperse™ SD8 by Troy Corporation acts as a highly effective polymeric pigment dispersant and wetting agent. Exhibits strong viscosity reduction and allows for high pigment loading with improved resistance to pigment settling. Offers improved color development, uniformity and increased gloss. It promotes efficient dispersion of titanium dioxide (TiO2), inorganic and extender pigments at low use levels resulting in low cost-in-use. Shows broad compatibility with polymer systems such as acrylic, acrylic grafted polyamides, styrene acrylic, sulfonated polyesters, shellac and water soluble polyurethanes (PU). Troysperse™ SD8 is suitable for non-aqueous systems and is an excellent choice for today’s ‘green’ systems. Listed in chemical inventory like TSCA (United States), EINECS (Europe), DSL/NDSL (Canada), AICS (Australia), ECL (Korea), MITI/ENCS (Japan), PICCS (Philippines) and IECSC (China).

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