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Bonding Plastic to Metal: Meeting Weight & Impact Resistance Targets

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Recorded on Oct 14, 2020

Boost your chances to meet the weight reduction targets & pass crash tests with successful integration (bonding) of plastics, metals and other composites in your complex part designs.

Leading expert, Francis Facon, will help you enhance impact resistance and overcome adhesion issues with guidance on how to choose the right surface pre-treatment & adhesive vs plastic (PE, PP, PA6, PA66, composite…). This roadblock lifting session will detail several real cases including methodology for developing applications needing bonding between different components.
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Presented By:
Francis Facon

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Methodology
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Stringent regulations [CAFÉ 2025] imposed by government agencies are putting a lot of pressure to scout different methods that help limit vehicular emissions. A popular tactic adopted by different OEMs is to reduce a vehicle's weight, which can significantly reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions.

Using low surface energy materials (PE, PP, PA…) for manufacturing automotive & industrial parts can help, but, the path to achieving them is not clear. So how to get there? Join this course to:

  • Optimally join plastics (PE, PP, PA6, PA66…) & composites (metal, mineral filled, fiber reinforced…) with better comprehension of adhesive bonding on low energy materials.

  • Select appropriate adhesives in advance & define your own bonding specifications rather than depending on adhesive suppliers for solutions.

  • Opt for the right pre-surface treatment (flaming, plasma, corona, fluorination…) to bond different components.

  • Solve plastics adhesion issues & improve part performance (automotive, industrial...) by revamping your part design methodology.

  • Get expert tips for troubleshooting techniques including flaming rules, cleaning, lap shear analysis and more….

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Who should view this course?

This course is a must for Engineers, project leaders or specialists involved in designing & manufacturing complex parts (bonding dissimilar materials, joint designs,…) using polyolefins, polyamides or composites for automotive, transportation and general industrial applications.

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Course Outline

  1. Impact Resistance
    • Why use bonding for improving impact or crash resistance?
    • What kind of adhesives can be used depending on performances to be reached and internal processes?

  2. Weight Reduction

  3. Plastics Adhesion Challenges

  4. Surface pre-treatment techniques to improve adhesion
    • Flaming
    • Plasma
    • Corona

  5. Adhesives Selection Vs Polymer Use
    • Part environment
    • Specification and requirements
    • Processing constraints
    • Influence of chosen materials
    • Specific risks or challenges as impact but also toxicology

  6. Troubleshoot issues using expert recommended techniques
    • Flaming rules
    • Loss of adhesion due to injection
    • Lap shear samples analysis
    • Cleaning
    • General chart for failure research

  7. Solve bonding challenges with real-life case studies:
    • PP Bumpers
    • Hatchbacks with PP skin or inner parts
    • Bonnet with PA inner part
    • Seat Components
    • Vehicle Floor
    • Road Sign

  8. 30 Mins Q&A Session- Ask your questions directly to the expert!

About the Expert

Francis Facon (R&D Consultant, Ex-Faurecia) is an independent consultant with more than 40 years of experience in the fields of adhesives, composites and paint. He has participated in collaborative programs such as LYCOS, ASPOME, DEMOS or LIMECO. With 11 filed patents and 2 publications, Francis has also been an honorary participant in more than 18 conferences.

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Members Reviews

The course was very good and compliments much of the work we are doing in our labs. We learned some new things to help our development efforts.

Johnson R. , from Ashland Performance Materials

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