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Polymers in Photovoltaics: Innovations & Opportunities

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Recorded on Sep 3, 2015

Get updated on the latest Photovoltaics advances & opportunities arising from newest innovations (for front/back sheets, encapsulants, film substrates, connectors, junction box, module frame...) driven by cost reduction, higher energy efficiency, flexibility...

Don Rosato will share his selection of most promising 2015 plastics materials & technologies developments: New ECTFE Front sheet Film, PV system with graphene & TiO2 for higher efficiency at lower cost, polymer / fullerenes blend boosting power conversion efficiencies…


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Donald Rosato Presented By:
Donald Rosato
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Innovation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Photovoltaic industry is witnessing high-paced innovations driven by continuous reduction in PV systems cost, higher energy efficiency, new Govt. policies... It's time to get a quick update & understand which forms of PV (technology and system types) will really be successful...

  1. Save time keeping up with latest material innovations for PV with a synthetic & neutral overview (PLA, PU, EVA, PVB, PET, PA, silicones, TPU, PPO/PS...)
  2. Seize opportunities with a clear view on where plastics are required: front/back sheets, encapsulants, film substrates, connectors, junction box, module frame...
  3. Come up with new ideas for future developments with our expert’s hands-on review of emerging PV applications in building, transportation, industrial markets…

Who should view this course?

Executive managers, R&D professionals, sales & marketing people…involved in technical & market watch, NPD/ innovation, business development.

Course Outline

Every year, Don Rosato presents a snapshot of the most promising & interesting innovations & opportunities for plastics in solar applications. It helps follow the evolution of developments presented in the 2014 edition as well as developments released within the last 12 months.

The following sections will be covered during this session:

  1. Photovoltaic (PV) Market & Technology Overview
  2.       – Global Photovoltaic Market
          – Market Growth Drivers and Challenges

  3. Electronic Material Opportunities in Photovoltaics
  4.       – 3-Dimensional Photovoltaics
          – Organic Photovoltaics
          – Conductive Polymers

  5. Advances in PV Plastic Materials
  6.       – Solar Structure/Reliability Advances
          – Front Sheet and Backsheet Developments
          – Adhesives and Encapsulants
          – Absorbing and Anti-reflecting Film
          – Concentrated PV Components

  7. Emerging PV End Use Applications
  8.       – Building Integrated PhotoVoltaics (BIPV)
          – Transportation and Related Applications
          – Industrial Market / Other Market Applications

  9. The Future of PV Materials and their Applications

  10. Major Photovoltaic Players & Related References

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Members Reviews

The opportunity to get your questions answered was very good. Don Rosato has a good and broad technical knowledge on photovoltaic technology and applications.

Sander N. , from Underwriters Laboratories

This was an excellent course on PV technology because it gave us new ideas and oriented us in new research areas.

Alberto R. , from CID

It was very useful for the understanding of the new trends of technology in the PV field and constraints materials have to fulfill to be used in these applications.

Paola G. , from Camattini

Very good! The training showed a lot of details about materials used and under research. Good to know for a material supplier.

Wouter V. , from DSM

I am starting my study about the market, so it was a very good and complete first overview.

Rodrigo G. , from Braskem

Very Good! I'm working on projects in photovoltaic application and I got info about new materials

Maria Teresa S , from Proplast

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