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Developing Nanocomposites for Today’s Markets: Do’s & Don’ts

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Recorded on Aug 28, 2018

Upgrade your nanocomposites for today’s high value markets by getting expert tips to boost their performance (strength, HDT, moisture resistance, electrical conductivity…)

Mark DeMeuse will share Do’s & Don’ts with real-life cases to help you:
  • Enhance interfacial bonding & dispersion of nanofillers and the polymer matrix.
  • Smartly optimize formulation & process parameters (nanofiller selection & loadings, Tg, shear deformation...)

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Mark DeMeuse Presented By:
Mark DeMeuse
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Nanocomposites continue to gain fast momentum in high value applications. And with growing performance demands in automotive, aerospace, energy, biomedical…, approximate practices used in the past are no longer enough today to reach higher strength, HDT, moisture resistance targets at lower cost.

Revisit your formulation strategy (nanofiller selection, loadings) & processing parameters to:

  1. Develop high performance nanocomposites by understanding the impact of your formulation & processing parameters on their mechanical, barrier, electrical properties
  2. Troubleshoot faster poor dispersion, interfacial bonding: know the causes & solutions and how the system will be impacted by your problem solving strategy
  3. Be competitive on high value markets by achieving high stiffness to weight ratio, moisture resistance, improved heat deflection temperature (through real life cases)

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Nanocomposites: Formulation and Processing Optimization

Who should view this course?

Compounders and R&D professionals working with nanofillers, fibers, dispersing & coupling agents and polymers to develop nanocomposites for high performance applications (formulation, design, use…)

Course Outline

The following sections will be covered during the session:

  1. Impact of Formulation & Processing Parameters on Final Performance
    • Nanofillers selection & loadings
    • Dispersion & interfacial bonding
    • Methods of Preparation (in-situ, melt-blending...)
    • Tg, pressure, viscosity...

  2. Optimizing Nanocomposite Formulations for your performance targets
    • Attaining desirable Structure
    • Improving Mechanical Properties (Modulus, Strength…)
    • Increase in Tg with Addition of Nanomaterials
    • Electrical Conductivity Studies
    • Do and Don’ts of Developing Nanocomposites

  3. Typical Issues in compounding polymer-nanocomposites: Poor mechanical properties in end use, high failure rate...

  4. Real life Case Studies
    • Increase Modulus of PS
    • Increase use temperature (HDT) of epoxy formulation by at least 5 C
    • Define Graphene Loading in PS
    • Electrical Conductivity vs Filler Volumes
    • Barrier Effects of Nanofillers

  5. References and Conclusions

  6. 30 Mins Q&A Session- Ask your questions directly from the expert

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Members Reviews

Very good course! It was useful for a great understanding of formulating with nanofillers. I learned that nonpolar polymer matrixes are difficult to disperse nanofillers in without the use of a dispersing aid.

Joshua H. , from Allnex

This very good course helped my understanding in nanomaterials.

Christian M. , from Cabot Performance Materials Belgium

It helped me to better understand electrical properties versus nanocomposites.

Renata C. , from Kraton

Excellent! It provided some good ideas and solutions!

Sijia H. , from Maxion Wheels

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