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Troubleshooting Coextrusion Issues (Multilayer Films and Sheets)

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Recorded on Jul 12, 2018

Say goodbye to low productivity & disrupted delivery when coextruding multi-layer films & sheets by efficiently troubleshooting recurring issues and defects (melt fracture, interfacial instability, incomplete flow…) that arise in your day-to-day.

Thomas Bezigian will help you diagnose the causes of coextrusion defects on the production floor (no use of complex equations) and troubleshoot faster with practical strategies & hands-on secrets that no one writes about in the plastic industry.

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Tom Bezigian Presented By:
Thomas Bezigian

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Technology
Level: Advanced

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Why should you view this course?

When coextruding multi-layer films and sheets, issues such as melt fracture, interfacial instability, incomplete flow… occur very frequently. This leads to low productivity, high rate of wasted material, no goods on the market and disappointed customers due to disruption in delivery.

How best to diagnose the cause of these issues? How to troubleshoot your coextrusion process faster? How to communicate efficiently with machine manufacturers? Join this course and:

  1. Get a practical review of the causes of all the coextrusion issues and defects (melt fracture, interfacial instability, incomplete flow…)

  2. Quickly diagnose what’s wrong with your coextruded multilayer film without coming back to theory & lengthy equations 

  3. Learn how to solve them practically with insights from our expert Thomas Bezigian, who will share best practices that no one writes about
Solving films & sheet coextrusion process issues

Who should view this course?

Developers and producers of coextruded multilayer films & sheets with a need to troubleshoot faster day-to-day issues.

This course can also prove useful for machine manufacturers and resin suppliers, willing to improve their discussions with films and sheets developers and producers (better understanding of customers issues, talk the same language...).

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Coextrusion Process & Multilayer Film Production

  2. Successful Troubleshooting of Coextrusion
    • Combining incompatible polymers 
    • Rheological considerations
    • Layer distributions
    • Avoiding flow disturbances
    • Avoiding edge encapsulations

  3. Practical Examples of Coextrusion Methods & Equipments
    • Melt combination approaches
    • How to determine the best combination methods

  4. Update on Multilayer Films Innovations: 
    • Layer multiplication 
    • Layer splitting to form nano-layer

  5. 30 mins Q&A – Ask your questions directly to the expert !

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Members Reviews

Explanation of problems in a very simple understandable way although presenter has a huge and in-depth knowledge of the topic itself.

Wout L. , from EVAL Europe

Very good course, the melt fracture issue was well explained!

Alexandre G. , from AMPACET EUROPE

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