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Zinsser introduces OKON® Graffiti Barrier Coat and Zinsser Graffiti Remover and Stripper

Published on 2008-03-28. Author : SpecialChem

Somerset, NJ -- Zinsser is pleased to introduce two new solutions for graffiti protection and removal- OKON® Graffiti Barrier Coat and Zinsser Graffiti Remover and Stripper. OKON® Graffiti Barrier Coat is a ready to use high performance coating that prevents paints and markers from penetrating and permanently staining a variety of sealed architectural surfaces. The clear, non-yellowing, water-base formula forms an invisible protective barrier on interior and exterior, painted and unpainted surfaces that makes graffiti easy to remove.

Low VOC and low odor, OKON® Graffiti Barrier Coat is formulated with a singlecomponent, self-cross linking acrylic that makes it easier to use compared to two-component anti-graffiti products. It is ideal for use on concrete block, brick, stone, metal, wood, fiberglass, aggregate panels, cast concrete, EIFS, cement plaster, stucco, new paint and previously painted surfaces.

Easy to apply by roller or spray, OKON® Graffiti Barrier Coat can be recoated in 1-2 hours. It goes on milky-white and dries clear to a satin or semi-gloss finish. Depending on the substrate, two to three coats are recommended for maximum graffiti protection. Zinsser Graffiti Remover and Stripper is a soy-based eco-friendly product that quickly and completely removes paint, ink, crayons, magic markers, adhesive residue and concrete sealers from sealed surfaces. Great for use on painted surfaces, ceramic tile, porcelain, glass, marble, laminates, enamels, metals, vinyl siding, concrete and brick surfaces-especially those protected with OKON® Graffiti Barrier Coat. Zinsser Graffiti Remover and Stripper allows graffiti or paint splatter to be removed without stripping down to the substrate. It is also a great spot cleaner for stains, smudges and tire marks.

Formulated with Soyzol®, an environmentally-friendly soy-base derivative, Zinsser Graffiti Remover and Stripper is a qualified product for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's "Design for the Environment" program. VOC compliant and non-flammable, it is an environmentally sound substitute for flammable solvents, caustics or methylene chloride strippers. When used together, OKON® Graffiti Barrier Coat and Zinsser Graffiti Remover and Stripper are an excellent graffiti protection and removal system.

Source: Zinsser

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