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VICTREX&reg: PEEK™ as Lining Material in the Processing Industry

Published on 2009-09-11. Author : SpecialChem

In the process industries, economic operation places high demands on the design of the facilities and the equipment used. Especially when using corrosive or reactive substances in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry and when employing abrasive media in the paper and oil and gas industries, new production methods mean that existing systems for surface coating may be no longer able to cope with these new challenges.

Lining with plastics is a method used frequently to protect components against corrosion and chemical attack. Until now however, conventional plastics have rapidly reached their limits owing to their lack of chemical, diffusion and abrasion resistance.

When selecting lining materials for pumps, containers, pipes and piping systems, and also for valves bodies and pumping elements, it is important to further develop surface coatings and materials to cope with the more demanding processing conditions.

Owing to its unique property profile, VICTREX PEEK polymer provides a first-rate alternative as a lining and surface material. The polymer is characterised in particular through its combination of high chemical and temperature resistance, optimum wear properties, excellent mechanical strength and high purity compared to other materials. Since components coated with VICTREX PEEK may need to be lined less frequently, a longer service life and consequently increased production output due to minimised downtimes can also be achieved. In addition, this ultimately contributes to reduction costs and maintenance. With the 50% lower specific weight of VICTREX PEEK polymer and the possibility of thin-wall linings, significant advantages in design can also be achieved.

When choosing VICTREX PEEK polymer as the material for plant engineering, designers and engineers are therefore provided with a genuine alternative which may meet the requirements of more demanding processing conditions: production output can be increased by reducing downtime, product quality can be improved in a reliable processing environment and maintenance costs can be cut by extending component lifetimes.

Additionally, Victrex Polymer Solutions is engaged with the development, production and application of PEEK made pipes and tubes in the process industry. Initial approaches indicate the versatile potential of VICTREX PEEK polymer also for these types of high demanding applications.


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