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Victrex® PEEK™based Powder Coatings Now Available Worldwide

Published on 2005-03-15. Author : SpecialChem

Greenville, SC -- Victrex announced that it has licensed a worldwide network of electrostatic spray and dispersion coating formulators with a patented base recipe and unique powders to produce both powder and aqueous-based coatings made from VICTREX® PEEK™ polymer. The formulators can modify the polyaryletherketone-based recipe to enhance specific properties such as abrasion resistance, lubricity, release and color. Each formulator offers the necessary processing and customer service support, technical literature and pricing of the VICTREX PEEK-based coatings.

The coatings are based on semi-crystalline VICTREX PEEK thermoplastic which is widely regarded as having the best combination of properties for harsh environments. These include: high temperature resistance and the retention of mechanical performance at high temperature; outstanding wear and abrasion resistance; chemical resistance; excellent fire, smoke and toxicity performance and good electrical properties. According to Annette Forster, New Market Development Manager for Victrex, "When a thin layer of VICTREX PEEK-based coating is applied to a substrate, it confers all the performance properties associated with our high performance polymers."

VICTREX PEEK-based coatings can provide substantial benefits over existing coatings as well as eliminate the need for costly, hard-to-machine exotic metals such as stainless steel or titanium. Powders are formulated to produce durable, impact resistant pin-hole-free coatings from 15 25 mils using conventional equipment.

Forster said that "VICTREX PEEK-based coatings are under evaluation in analytical, semiconductor, and medical applications because they provide a lubricious, non-sloughing, and tough protective layer over metals, ceramics, and glass. They are also being evaluated in the food industry because of their FDA compliance and their superior chemical resistance to harsh cleaning fluids."

VICTREX PEEK-based coatings are also ideal for coating components and substrates in industries that demand corrosion protection and wear resistance. "For parts such as agitators and vessels, coating for corrosion protection in aggressive environments may be the only cost-effective answer," said Forster. VICTREX PEEK-based coatings are also a solution for components in ultra-pure water systems, chemical plants, and offshore oil installations.

Coatings are applied by spraying VICTREX PEEK-based powder with an average particle size of between 30 and 80 µm. After application of the powder, parts are heated in an oven to around 752°F (400°C) at which point the powder melts to form a continuous film. Air cooling of the liquefied film then causes it to solidify again. This process is repeated to build up the required coating thickness on a variety of substrates including stainless steel and aluminum.

Victrex plc., is the sole manufacturer and supplier of Victrex polymer worldwide.

Source: Victrex plc.

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